Representing Place

Representing Place

Posted in artists by Owen on November 14, 2009

This course seeks to stimulate a dialogue between art and geography.  On the one hand, artists increasingly are sensitive to issues of space.  Formerly taken for granted as the context in which things happen, artists (and scholars from throughout the humanities) are problematizing space as something that is constituted by connections across distance, by continual transformations of nature, by the experience of the individual in-place, and by multiple subjectivities.  This rethinking of space as dynamic, subjective, and multi-dimensional has led visual artists to reconsider whether space can be represented and, if so, how this representation should be achieved.  In asking these questions, artists have turned to the insights of geographers who have long been intrigued by problems in the (non-) representation of space and, in particular, its visualization through the map.

This course is a collaboration between Phil Steinberg and Owen Mundy.


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  1. Phil Steinberg said, on November 15, 2009 at 4:59 pm

    Nice crop circles!

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