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Around My World in 80 Days (Chalet)

Posted in student presentations by chaletchalet on March 23, 2010

“Around My World in 80 Days”

Memory mapping with artifacts

Altered book project.

The first 80 pages of this repurposed book are used as a ships log, a diary of my previous semester in graduate school. From first review to final review it was coincidentally 80 days! I have cut flaps in the book and carved out many of the pages to create a compartment that holds artifacts or “treasures” in small containers. It has a roll out map that plots the course of events that happened during the semester. Each marker on the map correlates to a container that holds a sample of the earth taken from each site on the map. There is also a map of the MFA Warehouse where all of the grad student art studios are housed. This is the place the journey begins and ends. I have attempted to take an existing narrative about a journey and recreate it using my own memories and artifacts. The story cannot be retold to the viewer by looking at the map, there are no specific details and the journal entries are cryptic. I have simply appropriated devices of a map to simply suggest to the viewer that a journey was plotted and this book is a memory of those events.


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