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Images for discussion: Feb 10

Posted in artists, maps by Owen on February 9, 2010

First, read three introductions to art and cartography

  • C. D’Ignazio, “Cartography and Art” in the International Encyclopedia of Human Geography
  • Denis Wood, “Map Art” in Cartographic Perspectives (pp. 5-14)
  • Dalia Varanka “Interpreting Map Art” in Cartographic Perspectives (pp. 15-23)

Then, read three essays by (or about) artists who work with cartographic art

  • kanarinka, “Art Machines” in Cartographic Perspectives (pp. 24-40)
  • John Krygier, “Jake Barton’s Performance Maps” in Cartographic Perspectives (pp. 41-50)

Also, during this class session students will give brief statements about what they plan to do for their Unit III projects/papers.

White People Can Dance!!! a brief segment of the brilliant “Funk Lessons” by Adrian Piper, as shown at Nuit Blanche 2007, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Mona Hatoum, Map, 1998
glass marbles, Basel.

Bukhara (red and white)«, 2008 by Mona Hatoum

Mona Hatoum

Teddy Cruz

Teddy Cruz

Teddy Cruz

Teddy Cruz, Paisaje urbano Tijuana, ca. 2006, Teddy Cruz

Teddy Cruz

Javier Tellez, One Flew Over the Void (Bala perdida), inSite 05. Photo: Alfredo De Stefano, courtesy inSite 05

William H. Whyte, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces

Andy Warhol, Map of Eastern U.S.S.R. Missile Bases, 1985 – 1986

Hellen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison, Peninsula Europe: The Rising of waters, the trajectory of drought, 2007.


Walid Raad and The Atlas Group, My Neck Is Thinner Than a Hair (plate 2-7-88S), 2004, inkjet print, 20 X 25 cm (courtesy of The Atlas Group / Sfeir Semler Galerie / Anthony Reynolds Gallery; photo © Walid Raad).

Walid Raad and The Atlas Group, Already Been in a Lake of Fire (plates 57 and 58), 2004, inkjet print, 30 X 40 cm (courtesy of The Atlas Group / Sfeir Semler Galerie / Anthony Reynolds Gallery; photo © Walid Raad)

One Block Radius by Glowlab